During the teaching of drums I aim for a calm and welcoming atmosphere, Everybody can apply: young or old; beginner or advanced.


What distinguishes my drum lessons is that I will approach every student differently. In order to create custom-made lessons I will adjust the content entirely to your wishes.  I can help you improve your skills in whichever musical direction you prefer (rock, pop, funk, hip-hop, jazz, blues, latin, metal, reggae, you name it). I will also introduce new styles to broaden your musical horizon, as soon as I see that your playing can benefit from it.


For beginners I use a combination of my own exercises and existing drum books. I will start teaching the basic grooves, fills and techniques and gradually I will build up towards drumming along with 'play along-tracks' and existing music. In this way you are able to play in a band as soon as possible.
In case you are a more advanced student, we can create a lesson plan together during the first lesson. We will set up a program, focusing on the details that can benefit your playing the most. Think about timing, dynamics, sound balance, precision and technique. Also soloing is something we can work on.

ALL-IN-ONE Package

I can also teach a combined lesson of both the practical drumming skills and knowledge of theory, ear training and solfège. For drummers mostly the theoretical / ear training part of music is more difficult to master than for people playing a melodic instrument. Therefore I will adjust my methods to make the learning process for drummers easier. Also if you consider doing an entrance exam for the pop / rock academy or the conservatory, I can help you with the requirements needed.